Opening: Thursday, April 20, 2017
April 20 - June 20, 2017
curated by Marco Massaro

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From 20 April to 20 June 2017, the Officine dell'Immagine gallery in Milan hosts WORKS ON PAPER, a group exhibition that brings together artwork on paper by a selection of Italian and international artists represented by the gallery.
WORKS ON PAPER is the last exhibition to be presented in the Via Vannucci 13 space of the Officine dell'Immagine Gallery which in September 2017, will move a few blocks away, to via Vittadini 11, a new and more spacious premise.

Summing up different ways of using paper, the exhibition presents artwork made with graphic and pictorial images, prints and mixed media inserts, showing the great versatility of a medium that is widespread in contemporary artistic production.

Soft shapes and introspective research are the properties shared by the exhibited works which, all in small format, outline a modest staging, where the informality of the paper is the starting point for a wide range of visions and experiments, showing an interior perspective on the complexity of the present day.

By developing a dreamlike and symbolic imagery consisting of recurring shapes and bold pictorial solutions, the work of Elisa Bertaglia (Rovigo, 1983) describes the transition from childhood to adulthood, integrating the accuracy of the graphic image with fluid painting that is always open to experimentation.

Carbon black produced by fire is the medium with which Alessandro Cannistrà (Rome, 1975) produces light and shade by subtle nuances, obtaining abstract forms often juxtaposed with the atmospheric depth of the landscape. In this artwork on paper, the alternation of light and shadow is accentuated by kinks that make the medium look three-dimensional.

The duality of a reality where opposing concepts like beauty and violence or suggestion and suffering can live together, is the focus of Safaa Erruas' research (Tetouan, Morocco, 1976). In the artist's work, that which inspires tenderness and vulnerability is associated with sharp objects, drawn from everyday life, which carry a feeling of inevitable danger.

Characterised by a slender but determined linearity, the designs of Tamara Ferioli (Legnano, 1982) describe a nature that is both harmonious and violent, depicted with airy and stylised shapes that reveal, in particular, a complex minuteness. The man - nature relationship is depicted as symbiotic and mirroring, combining pencil marks with certain organic materials such as pollen and hair.

The work of Farah Khelil (Carthage, Tunisia, 1980) arise from reflections on the role of imagination in the writing and reading of textual and visual content. In the IQRA - "leggi" series, spirals of Arabic script repeated in an almost compulsive manner, so small and dense that they radically complicate the act of reading, extend from a central microchip.

The endless possibilities of life are explored by Nunzio Paci (Bentivoglio, 1977) with hybrids that combine the human body with animals and plants. The man - nature relationship is depicted by combining a scientific and imaginative approach, outlining with great realism, forms that correlate the human anatomy and other organisms, united by the same processes of mutation, as if one body.

Free entrance
Hours: tuesday - saturday: 11 a.m. – 7 p.m.; monday and holidays by appointment.

Via Carlo Vittadini 11, 20136 Milan (ITALY) | +39 02 91638758
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