Born in 1974, in Ravenna (Italy).
Lives and works in Los Angeles (USA).

He attended art and design schools and undertook numerous placements in different European capitals.
It was indeed thanks to his multicultural knowledge and his passion for photography, art, fashion and architecture that he succeeded in forging his own personal aesthetic taste, free from mainstream trends and constraints.
His creative and rather eccentric work grew remarkably following his collaboration with Giulio Cappellini. For the past ten years, Biagi has lived in Los Angeles, a city that has inspired him to produce a new body of works using tar as an expressive medium.
His idea for black tar came forth while he was visiting the La Brea Tar Pits (a natural geological site featuring pools of tar that contain fossils).

VIA CARLO VITTADINI 11, 20136 MILAN (ITALY) | +39 02 91638758