Opening: Thursday, February 21, 2013
February 21 - April 21, 2013
curated by Davide W. Pairone

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On Thursday 21st February, Officine dell'Immagine will present "De Signatura Rerum", Nunzio Paci's first solo show in the gallery, curated by Davide W. Pairone.
Paci (Bologna, 1977) will exhibit an unpublished selection of big size museum-style works (influenced by Paracelsus's and Jakob Böhme's doctrine of signatures) that summarize last progressions of the artist's study. The show resumes and magnifies the previous work's contents of the artist.
In the exhibition at the Museum of Wax Anatomy in Bologna his work was focused on the identity/contrast relationship between man and animal, now in "De Signatura Rerum" Nunzio Paci extends his project to the plant kingdom: the living matter, now, is all decoded, ciphered in a network of symbolic and formal correspondences that unfold to a pantheistic comprehension of the world, in the wake of natural philosophy that in the Sixteenth Century intertwined science and magic, observation and spirituality. Then, the canvas becomes an alchemy laboratory on which to rebuild the thick weave of signs that discover themself just with a sensitive and analytical gaze, able to connect the human inner being microcosm with the natural forms macrocosm.
Paci's artistic itinerary is a balanced summary between a tonal, stratified-sign painting and stylised-rarefied symbols: each work is an investigation about the secret analogies of organic matter and living bodies, between cannibal structures, anatomical tables of the Reinassence and siamese twins, enlightened by Cronenberg movies's reflections.

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